This work was made in one line of ink, with one brush stroke.. It filled a wall 5 meters long and 3 meters high. 
This one brush stroke was taken to the limit of what my body could do, and filled precisely the limits of the wall.
To make this work, I had to make my own 600mm wide brush and then practice over and over for months, honing my focus and uniting the ink and brush with my body.
One week after I de-installed this, I moved to Timor Leste in a VSA (Volunteer Service Abroad) role. Things could not have been more different -  impossible to get art quality paper, ink or paint brushes, and art galleries did not exist. See what I did in Timor Leste here.
A Line
Installation view, 3m high, 5m long.

Detail from on of the test lines - 300mm brush

Some of the practice lines I made

Detail of one of the test lines

Standing with a test mark

Taking down The Line with the help of my good friends Kath and Poppy.

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